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In order to strengthen our initiatives in compliance with the law, we established what we believe is important in promoting corporate activities Global Code of Conduct for JATCO Group as rules to abide by. Through these initiatives, we are stepping up our corporate-wide efforts in compliance.

Global Code of Conduct for JATCO Group


Jatco shall consistently treat customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities and employees with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. The following standards apply to all employees in JATCO group companies (collectively herein referred to as "Jatco" or "Company"). Each member of the company is charged with responsibility to uphold and extend this code of conduct.


  • 1. Comply with all Laws and Rules
    Jatco employees will abide by all laws of the country, and all regulations of the Company, in which they work.
  • 3. Avoid Conflict of Interest
    The best interests of Jatco are expected to be foremost in the minds of employees. It is prohibited to behave, act or use information in a way conflicting with Company interests.
  • 4. Preserve Company Assets
    Jatco employees are personally accountable for preserving and safeguarding Company assets. Unauthorized use or diversion of Company assets, including funds, information and intellectual property, is prohibited.
  • 5. Be Impartial and Fair
    Jatco employees must maintain impartial and fair relationships with business partners, including automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and other third parties.
  • 6. Be Transparent and Accountable
    Jatco employees shall make fair, transparent, timely and appropriate disclosure of the Company's business activities to our stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, local communities and other employees.
  • 7. Value Diversity and Provide Equal Opportunity
    We value and respect the diversity of suppliers, customers, communities and our employees. Discrimination or harassment, in any form or degree, will not be tolerated.
  • 8. Be Environmentally Responsible
    Jatco employees shall strive, within the business objectives of Jatco, to consider environmental protection when developing products and services, to promote recycling and to conserve materials and energy.
  • 9. Obligation of Implementation and Report
    If you find that an officer, an employee, or the company itself is engaged in the conducts violating the Code of Conduct, you must immediately report it to the company.

We shall act in compliance with "Global Code of Conduct for JATCO Group".