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JATCO Thailand

Jatco Group is an automatic transmission company offering a comprehensive line-up that includes cutting edge CVT and Step AT. We are also an investment alliance of Nissan Motor Company Ltd, Mitsubishi Motors, and Suzuki Motor Corporation that are widely recognized in Thailand.

When environmental problems attract more attention from people across the world, we see the demand for fuel-efficient and less polluting cars skyrocketing. This makes our highly efficient transmission system among the highest demanded products among automobile manufacturers worldwide. CVT, especially,  has become a leading transmission system that accounts for approximately half of the global sales.

Jatco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established with encouragement from the Thai government on July 11, 2011 with registered capital of 4,500 million THB.  Jatco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is the third manufacturing in oversea location after establishment of production bases in China and Mexico. The company began to operate and start manufacturing process in July of 2013 with the annual manufacturing capacity of five hundred thousand units. In addition,  Jatco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is also the first CVT manufacturing company in Thailand. The new CVT model produced in our factory are not only used in Nissan March but also in other car models such as Nissan Pulza, Nissan Sylphy, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Ciaz, Mitsubishi Attrage, etc. And from now on, we intend to make Thailand change for the better by using the new CVT model which is environmentally friendly.

Jatco Technology

From 1997, Jatco started to manufacture CVT transmission with a belt-driven design. Jatco was the first company in the world to use this technology in the manufacturing process of its products. This explains how Jatco has risen to the top to be the leader of all automobile transmission manufacturing companies in the world.

Currently, Jatco is the only manufacturer with fully integrated production capacity for CVT. The company can mass-produce the automobile transmission from those used in compact cars to those used in 3.5 liters cars. JATCO is a leading manufacturer accounting for approximately half the global market share of CVT production.