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President Message


    As a specialized manufacturer of automatic transmissions for automobiles for more than 50 years, we at JATCO have been providing a wide range of products to customers around the world, from step AT to environmentally friendly CVT (continuously variable transmission) and transmissions for hybrid vehicles. In the field of belt CVT in particular, we are the leading manufacturer, accounting for approximately half of the global market share.

    JATCO (Thailand) was established as an Asian hub among them, and started CVT production in September 2013 and has continued production for about 10 years. It is an integrated plant for CVT production from casting, machining, heat treatment, and assembly.

    Furthermore, in 2021, a new production line for motors and reduction gears for electric vehicles will be launched.

    The automotive industry is currently undergoing a period of great change, including electrification and automated driving, against a backdrop of global environmental improvement. We are committed to solving social issues through various activities including our business here in Thailand.

    On the other hand, human resources are important for stable business continuity. In order to tackle various social issues, it is necessary to develop new business areas, and in order to provide new value, it is important for each employee to exercise leadership and work as a team.

    By valuing each and every one of these employees and taking on challenges together with their colleagues, we aim to be a company that is loved by the local community.